Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC “Payback” Trailer

Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC
Dr. Quinzel looks  pretty P.O.’ed at Batman for having a hand in Joker’s demise. This Batman: Arkham City DLC looks to be pretty beefy, and not just a challenge map. Check out the video and download the DLC May 29th.

Preview: Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Trailer

Preview: Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Trailer
I know you didn’t think Batman was a lone fighter in Gotham City? Well he has many allies and especially the first partner will be coming out next week. That is right folks Nightwing will be showing his face as DLC November 1st on XBL and November 2nd on PSN. If you have not picked ...

Mr. Freeze Is Cool As Ice In New ‘Arkham City’ Trailer

Mr. Freeze Is Cool As Ice In New 'Arkham City' Trailer
 Things look a little slippery for the Caped Crusader in the latest trailer for Batman: Arkham City featuring Mr. Freeze. This game is going to great lengths to include way more villains than the first game did and I am not complaining one bit! Check out the chilling new trailer below as well as a full image ...

Details Of Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition

Details Of Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition
I know most of you probably already put money down for a pre-order of the Collector’s Edition of Batman: Arkham City without even knowing what was being included in the package. But you can put any concerns you might have had to rest now that we have a pretty picture showing off all of the ...

New Arkham City Trailer – Riddler’s Saw-esque Debut

New Arkham City Trailer - Riddler's Saw-esque Debut
Let’s just get it out there right now, this looks like The Riddler is going the Jigsaw route in this trailer. BUT…it still looks good. And it will more than likely be a hundred times better than the SAW games. Check out the trailer above.