Rock Band Blitz gets more tracks

Rock Band Blitz gets more tracks
Today Harmonix has announced 11 additional tracks and more exciting Power-up details for Rock Band™ Blitz, the all-new downloadable title coming to Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PlayStation®Network that brings the excitement of a full band experience into your hand! Designed for use with a standard controller, Rock Band Blitz is beat-match gameplay evolved… fast paced, over the top ...

Sega & Double Fine’s New Game ‘The Cave’ Trailer

Sega & Double Fine's New Game 'The Cave' Trailer
Who doesn’t love a cute game? I know I do, and this new game from Double Fine and Sega looks like a fun. The set up for The Cave is that several explorers from all walks of life (a knight, a scientist, even a time traveler) come a cross a special cave and go exploring ...

Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC “Payback” Trailer

Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC
Dr. Quinzel looks  pretty P.O.’ed at Batman for having a hand in Joker’s demise. This Batman: Arkham City DLC looks to be pretty beefy, and not just a challenge map. Check out the video and download the DLC May 29th.

One Million Episodes of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Sold In First Two Weeks

One Million Episodes of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Sold In First Two Weeks
The Walking Dead video game has sold over one million episodes across PC, Mac, PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The Walking Dead is Telltale’s fastest-selling game series to date, with the first episode of five, titled ‘A New Day’ topping the sales charts ...

Quantum Conundrum: “Time” Trailer

Quantum Conundrum:
We have a new video from SquareEnix featuring one of the mechanics of the Interdimentional Shift Device (IDS) from their upcoming game Quantum Conundrum. Besides making the world and objects in it light as a feather or heavy as a rock, the IDS glove can slow down time and this video shows us how it is done, in ...