Lego Ceramics!

Check out these really cool creations from Alexandre A. Oliveira, Marco A. Koch and Vinicius Zarpelon.  I love LEGO, and these dishes are really tempting !!  Unfortunately, I don’t think these dishes are for sale.  DANG.. Check out more pics after the jump…

Periodic Table of Gaming Controllers!

To follow up Dre’s post about the periodic table of game characters, there is now one up about gaming controllers. Enjoy the table!

Hello Kitty Dunks?

Hello Kitty Dunks?
I doubt these dunks are legit, but they are a damn good custom!  I did a Google search and found a bunch like this, they even have Hello Kitty on the insole, which makes me want to think that they are something that actually came from Nike.  Would love to know some more information on ...

Periodic Table of Gaming.

While browsing the web for gaming items I came across a periodic table that you can buy that is all about gaming.  You can see pretty much all the famous gaming faces on this table. Mt equals Mike Tyson, At is for Afro Thunder (Ready to Rumble), Lu for Luigi, As for Astroboy and that’s ...

Staple Pigeon t-shirt

The famous Pigeon that sent shoppers crazy and started a riot is now on a tshirt. It comes in two colors- seafoam and purple. You can pick up yours at EastWestWorldwide.