“Dragon Age: Redemption” Starring Felicia Day

“Dragon Age: Redemption” Starring Felicia Day
In front of a packed panel at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, The Guild creator Felicia Day unveiled the series’ trailer for the exciting new web original she wrote and produced, DRAGON AGE: REDEMPTION. Following the premiere of the series in October 2011 on Machinima.com, all six episodes are now available on one DVD – with exclusive ...

Trailer: ‘Battleship’ Super Bowl Commercial

Trailer: 'Battleship' Super Bowl Commercial
Here’s the latest trailer for the Milton Bradley game turned movie ‘Battleship’. We see more of the “invaders” and their “ships” and it really looks like they used some unsused Transformers designs. We also have some new stills in out gallery below. Check them out!

Things We’re Diggin’: Voltron x Metlife

Things We're Diggin': Voltron x Metlife
Metlife’s new campaign is just awesome, if you spotted the Superbowl commercial you know what I’m talking about.  But I thought the Voltron outtake was great.  There are a bunch of hilarious outtakes on their facebook page.

Things We’re Diggin’: O.K. Go’s Sesame Street Video

Things We're Diggin': O.K. Go's Sesame Street Video
I’m 34 years old yet I was bopping to this song like I was 5 again. I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days, but not in a bad way. These guys just know how to turn a simple lesson like color theory into a fun, rockin’ learning experience! Check it out.

Help Luddy!!

Help Luddy!!
See this cutie.. he’s a cutie no?  Well he needs people’s help, his name is Ludwig.  He belongs to Allison Sommers, and he’s dying.  Allison needs people to help her out here she’s spent the majority of her money getting the poor little fellow diagnosed and now he needs surgery. Donate to help this cutie here or ...