Things We’re Diggin’: LEGO x Google = Build With Chrome

Things We're Diggin': LEGO x Google = Build With Chrome
Love Chrome? Love LEGO? YES? Then you should check out Build With Chrome, a great new site where you can build LEGO sets on Chrome!  No annoying downloads, just straight to the point! Check out the site here.

Seth Killian says Good Bye to Capcom

Seth Killian says Good Bye to Capcom
That’s right, Seth Killian’s last day at Capcom was last week (June 22nd), if you didn’t get a chance to read his fairwell letter to the FGC.  You can read it below or here.  We got the pleasure of meeting Seth at numerous events both in NYC and Vegas (EVO).  He is a really cool ...

Things We’re Diggin’: Hard Knocks, Beyond Laser Tag

Things We're Diggin': Hard Knocks, Beyond Laser Tag
So I grew up owning the original Lazer Tag game, like I still have the Lazer Tag gun to this day. And over the years a lot of places have created laser tag arenas where you pay to play for a 10 min session in a room with lots of thinks painted in neon colors that is ...

High Frequency Bandwidth To Release ‘PixelJunk Sidescroller’ Inspired Album

High Frequency Bandwidth To Release 'PixelJunk Sidescroller' Inspired Album
A new collabo from PixelJunk creators, Q-Games and music makers, High Frequency Bandwidth. It’s a third album inspired by a game in the PixelJunk series called “Sidetracks: Music from Sidescroller”. Sidetracks: Music From Sidescroller” provides an ingenious new coda to the Shooter story about a heroic rescue squad saving a besieged mining expedition on an alien ...

The Godfather x Monopoly

The Godfather x Monopoly
Lovers of The Godfather can now play the “game” in real life! The latest Monopoly board is now Godfather themed. This board game will guarantee that you will not be wacked by your enemies in the process. Properties are replaced by the iconic locations from the movie, and even the playing tokens have been changed to ...