Things We’re Diggin’: Zombie Gameboy

Things We're Diggin': Zombie Gameboy
Artist Donald Kennedy (Kodykoala) has more shots of this classic handheld game system back from the dead over on his Flickr page. This makes me want to break out my old Gameboy and jazz it up in a similar fashion. [via WinterArtwork's Blog]

Kidrobot x Staple Design: Tire Pigeon

Kidrobot x Staple Design: Tire Pigeon
As much as I wanted the first Staple Design toy (not from Kidrobot, and is still available), I might have to try and pick this one up!  Now I wonder if there going to make those keychains too (Jeff Staple tweeted that picture of the keychain to Kidrobot)? This brand new vinyl toy presented by Staple ...

Things We’re Diggin’: Period Table of Swearing [NSFW]

Things We're Diggin': Period Table of Swearing [NSFW]
Clay produced the interactive Periodic Table of Swearing for Modern Toss. It was built in our Hoxton Street studio during our summer holidays. It’s constructed from over 100 buttons, CNC’ed and laser cut MDF, direct to media printing, over 100 meters of cabling, over 300 soldered joints and a whole lot of swearing! [via Vimeo]

Things We’re Diggin’: Pixel Artwork in Stockholm Train Station

Things We're Diggin': Pixel Artwork in Stockholm Train Station
A Stockholm metro station has been redecorated with pixel-art inspired by classic games.

Sanrio x FriendsWithYou

Sanrio x FriendsWithYou
The collection is available today !! They are so many pieces that I want from this collection, you can get it here or here.  SO CUTE!