About + Contact

Andre “donth8dre” Augustin – CEO aka El Jefe
Andre and Alexis decided with a bunch of friends that they wanted a site that didn’t make people go everywhere for all the coolest things, and this is how Bifuteki was born, with the help of a Japanese dictionary.  Besides running the site, Andre also runs the Bifuteki stream (twitch.tv/bifuteki), as well as MLG (mlg.tv/bifuteki) which streams FGC events as well as casual gaming done at Bifuteki HQ. Email: andre@bifuteki.com
Alexis “pimpsc00by” Gepty (now Augustin) – Managing Editor/Photoshop Snob #2
Alexis is the crazy ass organizer of the site, she does it all! Photoshop, write, edit, and code!  When she’s not doing that she’s helping out on Bifuteki’s stream. Email: alexis@bifuteki.com

Tanya “amazonagent” Hernandez – Senior Editor/Designer aka Photoshop Snob #1
Tanya not only writes for the site, she also makes Photoshop her biatch and is behind the majority of Bifuteki’s stream overlays and screens that are seen.  She also is a horror officianto of the site (Oh ask her about TRAPS she knows!), as well as gaming and movie in general. Email: tanya@bifuteki.com
Phillip “philski” Gepty – Photographer/Senior Editor/Community Manager/Videographer
Phil not only writes for the site, but he also does most of the photography coverage for the big events we attend (like expos and tournaments).  When he’s not writing you can find Phil playing fighting games or working on his own site, where he makes jewelry. Call him the Community Manager of Bifuteki if you have to! Email: phil@bifuteki.com

Interested in doing an article or review with us?  Contact either the Managing or Editor in Chief, and we’ll send you over the information.