The X-Files: Deep State Mobile Game out Today

The X-Files is moving into the mobile world with the release of The X-Files: Deep State out today by Creative Mobile and FoxNet Games. This is the 3rd iteration of the world of The X-Files as a video game, but the first time it is being presented on mobile gaming platforms.

In ‘Deep State’ you take on the role of an FBI agent tasked to investigate paranormal cases. While you don’t get to play as Mulder or Scully (the game takes place between seasons 9 and 10 of the show when they were no longer in the FBI), there are hints that players may cross paths with the former FBI agents. The game is launching with a prologue and 5 chapters (Cases) in which you will be tasked with uncovering clues, processing evidence, solving puzzles, and interrogating suspects. There will also be choices and moral dilemmas that players will have to make that can effect the outcome of a case. The game is out now on the iTunes App store, Google Play store and even on Facebook.

We are really looking forward to playing (we might even do a live stream on our Twitch channel) and having our full review of the game up soon. In the meantime check out the official game trailer above and some screenshots in our gallery below.