Neowiz Announces DJMAX RESPECT Is Coming West in Q1 2018

DJMAX is one of the longest running and most respected rhythm game series in existence. With a proud heritage on Sony PlayStation platforms stretching back to 2006, the DJMAX series has sold millions of copies the world over. Now, finally, after seven years since the DJMAX Portable 3 launched on the PSP, the cult hit series is returning to the West in early 2018. Today, Neowiz is proud to announce that DJMAX RESPECT will be launching exclusively on the Sony PlayStation 4 in Q1 2018.
“DJMAX RESPECT is an homage to over 10 years of DJMAX for its loyal fans the world over,” says Ki Won Lee, CEO of Neowiz. “We’re thrilled to bring this landmark series back to the global Playstation audience.”
Developed by Rocky Studio, and published by Neowiz on PlayStation 4, Respect represents the culmination of every past DJMAX release, including every single song from the series as DLC available after launch. The base game comes packed with an unprecedented number of songs to play: 147 in total with 40 brand new songs created exclusively for DJMAX RESPECT.
All classic songs completely remastered, running at 1080p with 60FPS gameplay. In a first ever for the series, DJMAX RESPECT has support for local and online multiplayer via PlayStation Network. The achievement system, leaderboards, and collections are more robust than ever with three unique ways to track your progress among players worldwide.
DJMAX RESPECT will launch digitally on the PlayStation Store in early 2018. In preparation for the launch, the studio will present a playable version of the game at PSX from December 8th through December 10th in Anaheim, California. In addition, the studio will be kicking off DJMAX RESPECT Influencer Partner Program with the sign-up page available immediately at
Visit the DJMAX RESPECT site for more information, assets, track previews and further information regarding DJMAX RESPECT Influencer Partner Program.
If you’d like to interview the dev team about the decade-long history of the series and bringing it to the PS4, please let us know.