Sumer Game coming to Switch

Sumer​ ​is​ ​bringing​ ​the​ ​Nintendo​ ​Switch​ ​to​ ​board​ ​game​ ​night!

Sumer, the game of divine strategy, is coming to the Nintendo Switch console. Sumer is a digital board game for up to 4 players. As Sumerian nobles, you’ll compete with your friends to best please the goddess Inanna and be crowned the first-ever ruler of ancient Mesopotamia.

With its fast-paced, real-time platforming, Sumer puts a twist on classic board game concepts like worker placement and competitive auctions as you rush for resources during simultaneous turns. You’ll be challenged to plan strategically, execute skillfully, and adapt to opponents on the fly. And, with the portability of the Nintendo Switch console, setup is now quick and convenient!

“The auction system is madness–little 8 second segments of pure deception, hubris, and genius.” – Misha Favorov, Game Designer and Lead Programmer

“We wanted to make a game that had all the strategy and depth of a good modern board game, but that was effortless to set up and quick to play.” – Josh Raab, Game Designer and Sound Designer

“I’m most excited to launch Sumer on the Nintendo Switch because the console’s portability makes Sumer an automatic addition when I’m packing for board game night!” – Geoff Suthers, Game Designer and Producer

“Sumer’s board game roots resonate with families and local multiplayer enthusiasts and the Nintendo Switch caters incredibly well to their needs.” – Sig Gunnarsson, Game Designer and Art Director

Sumer will be available in the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch console this​ ​Winter​. Following its initial release, Sumer will receive a series of free updates throughout 2018, including online multiplayer.

About Studio Wumpus

Studio Wumpus is an indie studio exploring games that combine the strategy of board games with the responsiveness of video games. We’re all designers from the NYU Game Center in Brooklyn, and the team currently works on Sumer from New York, Baltimore, and Iceland.