[Review] God Hate Charades

Here at Bifuteki, we have slowly started to migrate some of our gaming to “offline” gaming aka tabletop games, its mostly me but I’m getting Amazonagent and Bifu into it as well.  We got the opportunity to play a new card game called God Hates Charades.  I have to say that it was quite an experience, that will definitely become part of our normal rotation of tabletop / party games.  God Hates Charades is a mix of Cards of Humanity meets Charades, you get an actor and then a scenario, the goal is get the most points in 7 rounds.  There were some issues when I played with the crew, so without here’s my breakdown Bifu style of what I loved and disliked with God Hates Charades.


  • If you like / love Card Against Humanity then you will definitely like God Hates Charades. Note, that God Hate Charades is no way copying Cards Against Humanity, if anything I think that God Hates Charades is crazier
  • If you are not the type to have physical games, then they also have an app!
  • The scenarios in the game are hilarious, most of which are ridiculous to act out. Some of the scenarios that we got were – Arnold Schwarzenegger using a litter box, Jackie Chan getting an enema, and my favorite
  • Other variations on the game, that you can play – we opted for our own type of game, where we did teams kind of like Charades, which was a lot of fun and got more people involved and we just played with no real point system


  • I found that the way scoring was explained in the rules was a bit confusing, and I’m still kinda unsure about it
  • I think that 30 seconds was not enough time (but we just ended up playing pass it and made it more enjoyable)

Pick up God Hates Charades here.  It is definitely worth the time to check out!! If you are unsure you could check out their site and get the printable version for free!