NYCC 2015|The X-Files Panel Recap – 1st US Screening of Ep.1 Season 10



I can’t even begin to write how amazing day 3 at New York Comic Con was, which was highlighted by The X-Files panel! Yes the very first episode of the new season was shown, and yes it was amazing! I will not go into details about it, I do not want to give anything away, but I will say the X-Files is back!

The Panel was moderated by comedian Kumali Nanjiani, and it featured a Q & A with creator Chris Carter and actors David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner). Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) unfortunately could not be at the panel but she did send a nice video message for the audience. The episode itself gives a great recap of what happened on the show in the past and what has historically happened to date that nicely ties into the mythology. Chris Carter did confirm that episodes 1 & 6 will be mythology episodes while the rest (2-5) will be stand alone episodes. Carter also expressed his nervousness at how the audience would react to the episode, which was funny to hear how he had slight doubts. But I can reassure him and the fellow fans out there the audience thoroughly enjoyed the episode!

David and Mitch had a cute bromance going on which was hilarious and adorable to watch. The audience also got to ask some good (and one not so good) questions to the panel, one question posed to Mitch made for a really touching moment. He was asked who was his inspiration for his character, Walter Skinner, to which he replied that it was his father. He said that he never realized that he was acting like his father until his own siblings mentioned that he behaved just like him in the role, and when he recognized it he emotionally said that he was happy that he could honor him in such a way. It was a very ‘awwww’ moment. The q & a portion ended with a fan asking David if he’s willing to do more episodes, to which he replied that if the show does well and if schedules work out there’s always a chance and that if anything (while looking at Chris Carter and referencing a line from the new episode) “You got my number.”

Overall it was an amazing opportunity to see the first new episode of the show in 13 years! It was an incredible feeling watching it together with so many fans, the energy in that room was unbelievable and probably will be one of my favorite life moments. I am looking forward to watching the first episode AGAIN (I’m probably throwing a viewing party for it) with the rest to the fans on January 24th, 2016. In the meantime check out some highlights from the panel below: