[Review] The Witcher III (PS4)


I was hesitant about playing the Witcher, I heard things about the series like “It’s like Skyrim, you love Skyrim”, or “It’s sooo good, it’s all open world”.  Note about myself, I love Skyrim, so much that I have all the DLC and have yet to finish the game because I just like exploring so the allure of an open world where I can just walk around and explore entities me a lot. LOVEs:

  • The open world aspect of the game, I never like playing a game that is super linear and doesn’t let me explore every nook and cranny of the world
  • My horse – it brings me back to the times of Red Dead Redemption
  • Every action has a consequence – loved it other open worlds love it in this game
  • All the lore of the game, and how there are all these mystical creatures that can only be killed/weaken a certain way
  • Voice acting was amazing


  • Wish I could customize my character, but I understand why I can’t because I’m playing a specific character
  • Sometimes locking on to the enemies is a bit much and because more of a burden than anything else
  • Wish it had Co-Op, I’ve been waiting for a game like this and yet I can’t share it with a friend, a 2 person party would have been so much fun!
  • I did find that some of my cut scenes skipped frames a bit, and I did notice some on screen glitches with my screen