E3 2015: Castle Crashers Remastered

The Behemoth is bringing Castle Crashers to Xbox One this summer and it’s going to have a few new shiny things. Castle Crashers Remastered will feature the following:

  • 5x increase in texture sizes!
  • Uncapped framerate — 60fps
  • Various performance updates and improvements to gameplay and online multiplayer
  • New mini game: Back Off Barbarian

Back Off Barbarian is a simple but addicting mini-game where players move quickly using the D-Pad to avoid the enemies. As time passes, more enemies are added into the level and the players will find it harder to get around in the environment. Up to 4 players can be supported online or offline. Back Off Barbarian will only be available on the Remastered edition of Castle Crashers.

Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One is currently in development and is expected to release later this summer! More info to come but check the trailer out for now.

Hoping to be able to port my characters from Xbox 360!