What is ‘Advent’?


So I was looking at my twitter feed the other day and came across a tweet from 2K Games about a city called ADVENT:


When you go to the website that is very well put together, talking about the future of Advent living. These ‘Advent Cities’ promise a new way of living in a safe environment, built on cutting edge technology and new advances in medicine and DNA splicing…Waaait a minute, this sounds strangely familiar. As you peruse the site you see some of the banners change, as if some one has hacked it, and there are warnings that Advent is not who they claim to be and that they do not have your best interest in mind. There’s even an MP3 file on the site that begins to talk about Advent security and it’s aim to protect it’s citizens but it is then interrupted by a voice that calls out Advent for it’s hidden malicious agenda. There is also A LOT of mentions about DNA SPLICING and GENE THERAPY.


Not much else has been mentioned by 2K about this website, but I am intrigued! Is this a new IP? Or is this a new sequel in the Bioshock series? Despite Irrational Games closing down 2K Games still maintains the Bioshock IP so from the sound of this it could easily fit into the Bioshock multiverse. If you look at some of the images on the site you can see one large tall building all lit up, almost like…a lighthouse?


We may not hear any details about ‘ADVENT’ until E3 so we will keep you up to date when we get more info. What do you think this is? Let us know!

[via AdventFuture.org]