[Review] TellTale Games: Game of Thrones


I was so excited for this when I heard about it last year… being a huge Game of Thrones fan – although I have no read the books and am ashamed to say that.  The series is amazing and love what HBO has done with it, now TellTale Games has done the same!  Their latest episodic game revolves around the Forrestor family and without saying too much starts off at what I believe is the Red Wedding.


  • If you loved the other TellTale Games, then this should be on your list.
  • Art Style, TellTale never ceases to amaze me!  This game looks beautiful no matter what console / device you’re on


  • If you aren’t a fan of GoT then you might want to brush up by watching the show maybe – or if your ambitious read the books!
  • I think I’ve said this for almost every review I do of TellTale Games – I need more of it and fast, I hate waiting for the episodes to come out.

Should you get it? Yes, but should you wait and get the entire season in one shot… of course – I think they are both great options.  I love to marathon these games, just because I love to have the entire story done in one shot.