PAX EAST 2014: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel



We got to check out the Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! at Pax East, it was awesome!  There was so much that I wanted to take pictures of but of course we couldn’t.  What we did see was a live demo of the game, which takes place between Borderlands 1 and 2.  You are in space helping Handsome Jack with his stuff, and you see how other characters like Wilhelm, Clap Trap, Athena, and Nisha.  I like the idea of the game already, we get to play as all “new” characters, especially Athena (she has a throw-able shield).

Although its the game that we all love, there are some really cool features that they have added to the game that make it completely new and exciting.  You already know about the anti-gravity areas on the Moon, there are now pockets of O2 randomly throughout the world.  There are new attacks, like the slam attack, which allows you to boost into the air and then slam down to the ground stunning your enemy.  There is also added double jumps!

I can’t wait to hear more about the game, man I’m ready for it now!!