KidRobot Soho Store Closes



Dear Kidrobot Community,

After an amazing decade-plus year run, our beloved Kidrobot New York City location will be regretfully closing its doors at the end of this month. Kidrobot New York is an iconic store, a global destination for Kidrobot fans worldwide, and a tremendous asset to our brand. The incredible staff (both past and present), whom we are so thankful for, engaged with a talented network of artists and a passionate community of fans and collectors that we have grown to call family.

This was an incredibly difficult decision for us; however, continuing to operate the current store at its present size and location is just no longer feasible. We know we belong in New York City and (don’t worry!) we have every intention to re-open in a new location in the future where we can continue to build the community together.

As we scout our new location and go through this transition we want to thank all of you for your past, present and future support. We thank the fans and collectors that only New York can bring. We thank the committed artists and customizers who give of their time and talent and who have grown to be mentors and teachers. We thank the local partners, sponsors, and collaborators whose relationship and camaraderie we value working with.  We could not be here without you and we will continue to bring you exciting new art, products and brands as well as the kind of experiences that only Kidrobot can deliver.

In the meantime, you will continue to find Kidrobot items at the amazing specialty stores throughout New York. And of course, we invite you to visit Kidrobot retail locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Boulder or online at

With love,


I’ve had a love hate relationship with KidRobot.  I loved them when they were super big.  I loved them when they were the pirate store and I got all my Yo Gabba Gabba figures for dirt cheap.  I hated them when they became so mainstream that half the employees didn’t know jack about the vinyl scene and made me want to just give it up, but some how they found a way to get me back in there.  Although I’ve cooled down on the vinyl buying and focus more on the “finer” art from most of the vinyl artists, I still appreciate KidRobot for what it was and what it still is.  I hope that they find a new location soon, because I would hate to have to order online when we’re in the same backyard.

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