Review: Borderlands 2 (PS3)


So I thought with the release of Borderlands 2, that we would try out our new template for reviewing games and well other things as well for the site.  There are so many different ways to review games and toys and even clothes.  Here at Bifu we think that less is more, as long as the less is informative and helps you decide on whether you want it or don’t.  So the way the new review process goes, we play the game as much as we can (like a couple of days, enough to get a feel for the game) and then review.  In the review, you get the total basics: a quick run through of the game and who makes, what we loved, and what we hated.  We rarely say that you need to get it or you shouldn’t get it because that’s not our choice or money, its yours.  Hopefully this is something that you guys enjoy, please let us know if you do or if you want more.  We want to make sure that the readers here at BIFU get what they want (within reason).  So check out the Borderlands 2 review for Playstation 3 below.

I loved the first Borderlands, so much that I played it both on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  Same character, different skill trees, but the same love.  There was no question that I was going to love the sequel for Borderlands, before I even knew about the new systems that were implemented.  There are some things that I love, but there are things that I don’t especially love either.  I loved the art style in this game, it’s something that is completely different from any other FPS out there.  I did get fairly sick while playing the first one but I managed to get through the game.  However the second Borderlands, doesn’t seem to get me sick, which means I can play through it for longer amounts of time. YAY!  There is plenty to love and hate about this game, especially if you we’re like me and loved the original, it took me quite some time to get accommodated to sequel, I guess because I was so set in my ways in the first game, that the second felt so strange.  The more I play it the more I get use to it, but either way here is what I loved and hated so far in the game (I’m currently a Level 10 Soldier).


  • A lot of the same characters are in this game so that was nice
  • New characters that are playable, like the assassin and the mechromancer
  • Tweaks to controller settings (It was nice to see Borderlands 1 configurations)
  • Lots more customization, costumes and colors, even for the cars
  • Game progresses fairly fast, which is great
  • Better organizing of the menus / shops / missions


  • New way to get backpack upgrades – with the introduction of Erdium.
  • It took me forever to find a decent gun (found one after about 3 levels).
  • Leveling up and getting Tokens are completely different and confusing at first.
  • Notification for tokens being available to redeem is a bit less noticeable then the Leveling up, I had a moment when I had like 5 tokens to redeem and didn’t know they were available.
  • Some missions are poorly navigated.  I have a mission that I literally didn’t know what to do because the instructions were so ambiguous that I just roamed around the map trying to figure it out.

Overall, I think that 2K Games did a great job, and I look forward to finishing the game and checking out the DLC as well when it gets released.

Borderlands 2 is available for both digital download and physical copies now for all next gen consoles.