Preview: The new Myspace

The new Myspace, trailer/teaser is out.  Sigh, it looks like the Google+ mobile version you see on the iPad, or is it just me? Interesting enough you don’t have to sign up for another service, you can just link your FB or Twitter to it.  Not sure that is the right approach, since it’s suppose to be a new and improved Myspace.  From what it looks like you can play your music via the browser while you browse your Myspace, but where does the music come from? It seems like there is a marketplace or something where you can tickets to artists’ upcoming shows.  The search is interesting as well.  It’s nice that you search and get a filtered view, that is not in the usual list view. Still don’t see myself switching, I jumped ship a long time ago but who knows it could be cool.

Want to sign up go here.