CoD: Black Ops II Zombies Reveal Trailer

Already with over a million views on YouTube, this reveal trailer for Blops II Zombies mode  has me wondering if fans are more excited to play zombies than the campaign proper. Treyarch has revealed some of the new additions to Zombies least of which is that the game mode now takes place on a large scale, open world map!

  • Tranzit – This a new ‘story’ mode for Zombies where you (and/or three other players) traverse this new large map, fighting the undead hordes in different towns. Apparently you have a choice in going from town to town in either a bus (seen in the trailer) or on foot. Each method of travel will obviously have it’s advantages and disadvantages.
  • Survival – This is the traditional Zombies mode where you try to survive waves of zombies in one location. The locations are all parts of the large map, you just survive in just one section instead of traveling to different locations.
  • Grief – This is like survival mode except it pits 4v4 players trying to survive the zombie waves while at the same time trying to sabotage each other. While the teams can’t directly kill each other they can manipulate the environment to cause the each other to lose.

It all sounds interesting so far, but I’d like to see it in action. But in the meantime enjoy the trailer above.