More Skyrim DLC, Not Coming To PS3 1

So Bethseda has just announced a new DLC pack called ‘Hearthfire’ that will allow you to buy a plot of land and build your own house. You can have a bunch of cool stuff in your home, move your spouse in your new abode and even adopt a bunch of rugrats to run around your house. This sounds like a very cool DLC only problem is that it’s coming out on XBOX 360 and I own a PlayStation 3. Even PC players will not get to enjoy this new content right away, there isn’t even a date listed for when it will come out for them. As it stands right now PS3 players don’t even know when Dawnguard will be available to them. I really love Skyrim and still play it to this day but I hate how Bethseda has gone about releasing, or rather NOT releasing, ¬†DLC content for this game. For those of you fortunate enough to own Skyrim on the 360 you can look to pick up Hearthfire September 4th.

  • Uchendu Nwachuku

    Time to buy an Xbox 360 again, methinks.