BifuBites: The Latest News In Tasty Morsels

Well since everyone one else from Bifuteki is out having fun at EVO 2012, I’ve been left behind all by my lonesome holding down BifuHQ. I’ve been scouring the interwebs to deliver some quick and interesting news:

  • Ubisoft announced that there will be a Limited Edition of Assassin’s Creed III available in North & Latin Americas. The game comes housed in a special designer box, included with it is a metal belt buckle sporting the AC3 logo on it, a 9 inch statue of Connor, and a 28 inch by 48 inch Colonial flag with the AC3 logo on it (which looks fraking cool as hell!). The AC3 LE will be available in select retailers for $119.99.


  • Would you like to decorate your home with these lovely Tetris pillows? Well you can head on over HERE to purchase them.


  • Wait? Is that?…Left 4 Dead?…on a PlayStation Vita?!!! Digitalarts001, HOW U DO DAT?!?!?!!!!!