PAX East 2012: Capybara Games

I got to do a quick swing by Capybara Games while at PAX to check out their games.  More importantly I wanted to check out Super T.I.M.E Force and Sword and Sworcery.  They announced that Sworcery is going to be coming to PC, which is awesome! I loved Sworcery on my iPhone, but I’m sure that I’ll love it even more on the PC!  They also had a vinyl album withe the game soundtrack for sale with a print from Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time). I kinda wish that I picked it up at PAX, but I heard that it’s available online here.  I didn’t get a chance to play Super T.I.M.E Force because it was very packed at the booth but I did get to watch, and it looks awesome.  I really can’t wait for it to come out because it looks like a shit ton of fun!

From what I watched you can save a past version of yourself (that has already died), granting you a life back. It’s kinda like a mini checkpoint rather than starting from the beginning over and over again.  There are different types of characters, like a gunner, sniper and defense based character.  From the looks of it there is a lot going on, on the screen and you will die a lot, but it’s not too bad cause you can save yourself!

Super T.I.M.E Force is slated for sometime this year on Xbox Live Arcade. Capybara Games is looking into incorporating some sort of co-op mode which I hope becomes a reality because it just screams online co-op!

Check out the video and gallery below.