‘Myths & Mavericks’ DLC Announced For Red Dead Redemption

'Myths & Mavericks' DLC Announced For Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption is the game that keeps on giving a year after it’s initial release. Rockstar Games revealed the newest upcoming DLC called the Myths & Mavericks Bonus Pack. While not all the beans were spilled about what the pack will entail they did reveal that Landon Ricketts will be a new mutiplayer skin, which ...

Things We’re Diggin’: OK GO “All Is Not Lost” HTML 5 video

Things We're Diggin': OK GO
I love it… make sure you watch it without a lot of things open.  Best part is the ending! Check it out here!

Things We’re Diggin’: Crazy Stuff in Apple Store

Things We're Diggin': Crazy Stuff in Apple Store
This is just hilarious. [via Mark Malkoff]

Things We’re Diggin’: Augmented Reality Advertising Takeover

Things We're Diggin': Augmented Reality Advertising Takeover
Times Square provided a perfect setting to test out Augmented Reality Advertising Takeover on Sunday. Developed by Public Ad Campaign and The Heavy Projects, the augmented reality viewer replaces outdoor ads with curated artworks. Where passersby see movie promos, the mobile app, which runs on smart phones and iPads, reveals the work of street artists ...

Things We’re Diggin’: Street Fighter Lego Cubedudes

Things We're Diggin': Street Fighter Lego Cubedudes
While browsing through my bookmarks – I total forgot about this flickr group. Awesome guy, \/\/\/\/\/, (I know), made some awesome Cubedude inspired Street fighter characters!