Lie to Me x Shawnimal x Ninjatown

Seriously, maybe there’s something up with Monday night and awesomeness.  So after House MD, there is this new show this season called Lie to Me. This show is awesome as well, its about a guy name Lightman, who basically can tell when someone is lying.  Well whatever the show is awesome, and now even better ...

House MD x PSP Go

If you didn’t know a lot of here at Bifuteki love us some HOUSE MD. The show is awesome and well so is Hugh Laurie too. This week’s episode has House playing PSP Go.

“Latest” Invention (yeah right)

So I have some serious BEEF with this company, that seems to be peddling a super old product as something NEW.  It’s this company called BOX 4 BLOK.  They claim to have made an awesome LEGO sorter.  Now here is my problem, they claim this is NEW.  However, it’s not.  I’ve had one of these ...

Shit We’re Diggin’: ABOVE’s new print

Shit We're Diggin': ABOVE's new print
Available to purchase here

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Codes

We have a few. Comment or find us on twitter for a code. For a code email me at .